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Building Materials

High-Quality Products at Affordable Prices

Choosing the right building materials is as important as knowing the right supplier. At our Nunda, NY store, you get helpful insights from construction specialists when selecting the supplies and materials that you need for your project. We make sure that you get superior quality products at prices that do not make you go over your budget.

Come to Nunda Lumber today. Explore a diverse range of options for materials specific to the following:






Take your pick from top-of-the-line BP products. We offer a full line of limited lifetime warranty shingles that are always readily available.

If you prefer metal roofing, we have Fabral roofing and siding materials in 8 to 16-foot sizes that come in green, red, and white. Custom lengths can be made available within a week and are available in 20 different colors.


Protect your home from harsh weather conditions and choose the toughest sidings made by the most trusted brands. We offer Norandex sidings in various colors and styles. Wood and cement board sidings are also available in a variety of sizes and prefinished colors.


Visit Nunda Lumber and Hardware for all of your homeowner and contracting electrical needs. Whether you're building a new house, putting on an addition, or just updating your lighting or electrical needs, we have you covered. Browse our great selection of:
  • Boxes
  • Switches
  • Outlets
  • Covers
  • Variety of wire in assorted gauges
  • Breakers
  • Conduit
  • Electrical accessories
  • Service cable
  • Extension cables 
  • Light bulbs
  • Work lights
  • Finish lighting, featuring lighting by Design House Whole House Collections
  • Stock Wires
  • Breakers
  • Lights
  • Boxes
  • Switches
  • Outlet Covers
  • Service Cables
  • Conduits
  • Finish Lighting


If you have a plumbing issue, we have a solution! Whether you're putting in a new toilet or fixing a leaking faucet, installing a hot water heater or running water to the barn, we have what you need, and the people and advice to help you tackle your project.

  • PVC pipe and fittings
  • CPVC pipe and fittings
  • PEX pipe and fittings
  • Black Iron pipe and fittings 
  • Galvanized pipe and fittings 
  • Copper pipe (Type L and M) and fittings
  • Black Poly Water Line in 100lb and 160lb rating
  • Sewer and Drain Pipe and fittings 
  • Agriflow Field Tile and fittings
  • Culvert Pipe and fittings 
  • Push Fit fittings for home plumbing
  • Kitchen and bath faucets and fittings
  • Toilets and accessories 
  • Water Heater tanks (Electric, Natural Gas, and LP)
  • Water pumps - shallow and deep well, sump, waste 
  • and much, much more!


Pole Barns

Pole barns are popular with farmers owing to their spaciousness and construction cost-efficiency. Today, they have also become the preferred choice of structure format by retailers, home, and warehouse owners. With material improvements made in recent years, pole barns are now easier to maintain.

A neat and inexpensive way to have more space for work or storage, pole barns can be designed to match your needs. We can create a construction package ideal for a small storage shed to a free-span riding arena. Call us to ask for a cost estimate.

Garage Packages

Let’s discuss garage-building ideas and explore endless possibilities ranging from standard to custom designs in a practical variety of sizes and colors. Our standard garage packages include:

  • Treated Bottom Plates
  • 2 x 4 Walls
  • Trusses
  • Roofing Felt
  • Roof Sheeting
  • Architectural Shingles
  • Vinyl Soffit


Get DuraLife Railing Systems and discover the maintenance-free alternative to wood railing systems for porch, deck, or dock. Choose from a variety of lengths and colors. We stock white railings 4’ to 10’ long, and stair railings up to 8’ long, also available in tan and clay colors.

Ask our building material specialists for product information before making purchases. For inquiries and recommendations, call us today at 585-468-2521.