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Good news for Nunda, NY homeowners! You can now see how your kitchen and bathroom will look like when all the renovations are done long before work even begins. Let Nunda Lumber subsidiary company, Modern Home Kitchen and Bath, show you.

From Inside Your Head to Our Computer Screens

Tell us the kind of look you wish to achieve. Provide us with visual pegs and inspirations. Let our kitchen and bath interior specialists create designs that match what you have in mind complete with artistic and lifelike color renderings.

We use state-of-the-art 2020 Spaces interior design software to translate all your ideas into design comprehensives that you can view through a computer monitor. The designs that we come up with are interactive and can be manipulated, revised, tweaked, and improved.

Design Flexibility

The 2020 Spaces app allows both designer and homeowner to flexibly change design approaches and fine-tune them before work begins on any kitchen or bath remodel. You can now plan, budget, and choose materials advantageously without going through the often stressful and costly trial-and-error process.

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