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High-Tech Paint Color Matching

Tell us about the colors that you wish to have on your walls and we’ll come up with house paints to match them. At Nunda Lumber, our paint specialists listen attentively as you talk about the color schemes, themes, and combinations that you have in mind. At our Nunda, NY store, color matching specialists use computer applications to create custom colors that you’d like to use on your walls. Feel free to discuss options with us.

contractor painting grey wall with roller brush

How White Do You Like It?

Color has a language of its own and there are tones, hues, and tints that make interior and exterior surfaces and textures more exciting to look at. Tell us how warm or cool you’d like your colors to be and we’ll show you the broad range of options possible for every shade you’re thinking about.

White may be as neutral as any gray, black, brown, or earth tone. However, we’d be more than glad to come up with just the right tone for the kind of white that matches the wall surface you’ll be painting over. With high-tech color matching, you enjoy a wider range of choices.

Durable Paint Finishes

All the premium paints and popular finishes that we have are highly durable. They are designed to meet every decorating need for old or new homes.

Ask us for assistance with color combinations and surface finish options. Call us today at 585-468-2521 for paint product information.

Before You Start Building, Let Our Specialists Help You